Alex 🇨🇭


In 2013 a friend of mine asked me to join his crew as a guest in Croatia. Needless to say, I got immediately addicted to the lifestyle and the next year, at the end of my third YW in Greece (two weeks back to back...), my skipper gave me a red shirt and told me I should try to join the brotherhood. I started from scratch, passed my Yachtmaster Coastal and never looked back. Ten years later I am a Leadskipper for YW and a RYA Sailing Instructor.

Being a complete newbie in the sailing world I joined the YW family as humbly as I could. I can honestly say that I enjoyed every season more than the previous one thanks to all the amazing people I met on YW who helped me build my confidence and skills throughout my journey. After more than 50 YW I still learn something new every week and passing on a little bit of what I received has now become my goal.

The Caribbean, the Andaman Sea, The Pacific... YW offered me the chance to work in places I would never have seen otherwise. I would have a hard time naming a country in which I don't know someone I can contact to help me find a job opportunity or a place to stay. The skills and network I built thanks to YW opened numerous opportunities but also made me a better person.