Julia 🇫🇷


I started doing Yacht Week while I was still at university studying fine arts and photography. As a student I had a job as a waitress in restaurants which taught me loads about hospitality. I eventually started working in the kitchens as I was always loved cooking at home. So when I discovered Yacht Week it definitely seemed like an amazing opportunity as a student job. I applied for the academy and passed. Once I finished studying I started working as a set designer in Paris, which I loved. However I missed everything Yacht Week brought me such as traveling meeting new people and developing my cooking skills in such an incredible environment and the SUN! I then decided that I wanted to pursue this full time. 

My experience working with Yacht Week as a host was great. My first season was all about learning the ropes, the do’s the dont’s. Finding my rythm really. Coming back for my second season was a lot less stressful and I naturally wanted to help others around me as I now knew the routes and useful tips and tricks that made my life as a host that much easier. The more experience I gained the more I understood the company and started thinking of things from different perspectives. I was offered to be a lead host. Which I found to be a very organic transition as coming back every season it was natural that I turned to those who were bit overwhelmed to help out. As did hosts before me when I started out. I eventually became an instructor for the Yacht Week. A role I didn’t know I would enjoy as much I have. Having been lucky enough to work many seasons in Greece I had the chance to become host manager. This was perfect opportunity to get involved in the business side of things a bit more and really understand how to better guests experience while trying to achieve company objectives. Being a host manager also gave me the opportunity to manage and guide a team which was a challenging but super rewarding experience. 

Working with Yacht Week has really allowed me to open my horizons. I have been places I never expected I would get the chance to go to. The community is a very special part of it all as well and the job opportunities in the industry are endless. Using my experience I gained with Yacht Week I was able to pursue my career as a high end private charter chef. What I really appreciate is how I know that my experience even if mainly attached to this industry will be able to translate itself in different sectors if I do change professional industry one day.